Coalition Letter to California Senate Education Committee in Support of AB 1456, the Cal Grant Reform Act, as Amended April 12, 2021

July 9, 2021

Over two dozen diverse organizations urge the Senate Education Committee to vote in support of AB 1456, the Cal Grant Reform Act, as amended April 12, 2021. This bill builds upon recent historic budget investments in the Cal Grant program by streamlining and simplifying it, removing barriers to Cal Grant access based on GPA, and ensuring that California’s least-resourced stud..

How Can Congress Improve College Affordability & Permanently Reduce Reliance on Student Debt? Double the Maximum Pell Grant & Restore State Investment in Public Colleges

July 7, 2021

As lawmakers look to improve college affordability, close racial and economic equity gaps in college completion, and reduce reliance on student debt, they must take a comprehensive approach that includes doubling the maximum Pell Grant, securing and strengthening the Pell Grant program, and creating a new federal-state funding partnership.

Coalition Applauds California State Legislature and Governor Newsom for Historic Investments in Cal Grants in 2021-22 California Budget Agreement

July 2, 2021

A coalition of 30 diverse organizations representing higher education advocacy, civil rights and social justice, business and workforce, and student leadership, express their appreciation to state leaders for historic investments in college affordability – and entitlement Cal Grants for community college students in particular – in the 2021-22 California budget agreement.

TICAS Recommendations for Negotiated Rulemaking Topics

July 1, 2021

Recommendations in response to the May 24, 2021 Federal Register notice soliciting input on topics to be included in the U.S. Department of Education’s upcoming negotiated rulemaking. TICAS' priorities focus on better protecting students by addressing predatory practices and holding colleges accountable, as well as by improving the current income-driven repayment system.

37 Organizations Urge the Department of Education to Prioritize Accountability Measures that Protect Students and Borrowers in Negotiated Rulemaking

July 1, 2021

Coalition letter from 37 organizations to the Department of Education sharing its negotiated rulemaking priorities including substantial student and borrower representation among negotiators, and strengthening safeguards against predatory practices from for-profit institutions by reinstating the gainful employment regulation and having a strong borrower defense rule.