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The Institute for College Access & Success

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TICAS advocates for every student, regardless of race, ethnicity, or family wealth, to have access to a quality higher education program without the need to incur debt to realize their dreams of earning a college credential.

Our Work

We try to understand college opportunity through careful research and by listening to the students and those who serve them. We combine concrete, tailored policy recommendations with passionate, sophisticated advocacy, nationally and in California.

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We advocate for more accessible and effective Pell Grants and Cal Grants, more affordable student loans, greater and more equitable state funding, and better consumer information for students.

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We work to hold predatory colleges accountable for deceptive and illegal conduct, reducing the number of students left worse off by burdensome student debt, and other steps to improve student outcomes.

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California’s Master Plan for higher education guarantees a place in college for every eligible student. We seek to ensure students have the financial aid and student services they need to succeed.

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Recent Work

Race and Economic Mobility: College Value at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Our latest brief examines economic outcomes for students at four-year Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

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TICAS Michigan 2024 Playbook

This document outlines the TICAS Michigan team’s strategy and priorities for 2024, including community outreach, policy and advocacy, and research. The “Playbook” outlines TICAS Michigan’s policy goals for expanding college access, affordability, and success, and defines strategic themes for the upcoming year.

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Key Projects

College Insight

College Insight is a unique and valuable data resource for policymakers, journalists, and researchers interested in college affordability, student debt, economic and racial diversity, student success.

Project on Student Debt

We document unaffordable levels of student debt facing many low-income students and students of color. We promote reforms to reduce risky debt and work to ensure all borrowers are treated fairly.

National Rural College Completion Trends, Challenges, and Solutions

National Rural College Completion Trends, Challenges, and Solutions

TICAS is taking a keen approach in raising awareness of the issues facing Rural-Serving Institutions. In this brief, we highlight key facts and barriers rural students and Rural-Serving Institutions face, make recommendations to address them, and raise the importance of centering the diversity of rural communities in completion research and policy.

Chairwoman Foxx's Higher Education Proposal Falls Short on Student Protections, College Affordability
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Chairwoman Foxx's Higher Education Proposal Falls Short on Student Protections, College Affordability