We research and advocate for the implementation and scaling of evidence-based programs and policies that provide students, particularly from low-income and minoritized communities, with comprehensive support and advising needed to succeed in higher education systems and graduate with a high-quality postsecondary credential. 

In partnership with MDRC and LEO, TICAS also facilitates a community of practice with seven Comprehensive Approaches to Student Success (CASS) programs to understand programs’ impact and common design elements, as well as what it would take to scale these approaches to meaningfully move the needle on college completion among underserved students nationally. Read more about CASS programs and design principles

Sparking Equity: Facing the Crisis of College Affordability

October 19, 2023

The Sparking Equity Podcast chats with TICAS’s Dr.  Jhenai Chandler and Aneesh Sohoni of One Million Degrees in Chicago, about an exciting approach called “comprehensive approaches to student success,” or CASS.  Implemented in a growing number of places, it provides comprehensive support to students to help them reach their academic goals more effectively and thus limit the debt they take on.



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