Statement on the American Families Plan

April 28, 2021

"President Biden’s American Families Plan (AFP) takes a comprehensive approach to making college more affordable by creating a new federal-state funding partnership, boosting Pell Grant funding, and making significant investments in student success. The plan is a clear recognition that new investments in higher education are fundamental to advancing an equitable recovery......

New Metrics Needed to Highlight and Close Racial Disparities in Student Debt Outcomes by College

April 1, 2021

A college degree or credential is a crucial stepping-stone for upward economic mobility. Yet far too many colleges routinely and disproportionately enroll students who end up struggling to repay or, worse, default on their student debt. Further, the debt burdens faced by students who attend these colleges fall most heavily on low-income students and underrepresented students...

College Scorecard Data Show High Rates of Non-Repayment on Federal Student Loans and Signs of Forbearance Abuse

March 9, 2021

The latest updates to the College Scorecard include new institution and program-level information on recent students and their ability to successfully repay their federal loans, including the proportion of borrowers who are not currently making payments on all student loans because their loans are in default, delinquency, forbearance, or deferment one year and two years after..