The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) is a non-profit policy and research organization with a focus on creating access to equitable, quality postsecondary experiences while minimizing student loan debt, at the state and federal levels. To produce the best possible student-centered policy recommendations, the TICAS Michigan team draws on the lived experiences of students and community members, best practices, and current research. For TICAS, developing effective policies starts with listening to concerns raised by stakeholders and creating or adapting policies to address them.

The Student Advocacy Fellowship program is an opportunity for students in MI, to learn and engage in impacting policy change in higher education in a year-long program. Students interested do not have to have a prior history nor be deeply involved in policy to participate. In this program they will have the opportunity to learn about policy and means to serve as change agents on issues that impact students.

As part of the program, students will select a policy issue of interest, advocate and research the topic, to be presented as one of TICAS (MI) policy priorities for FY 2025. The students will have the opportunity to use TICAS network to educate and identify partners/allies to uplift and advocate for their issue to be addressed in the state’s Fiscal Budget Year of 2025. The students will also have the opportunity to identify a topic that they “wish they were more informed on” as HS students and be able to present their session to high school students through TICAS partners in their year of service.

As part of participation, students will be able to participate in meetings with legislators, MCANs advocacy day (as their day on the capital), student story media campaign with TICAS comms, receive support in their respective programs with success coaching, and receive $3000 in the form of two $1500 stipends that they can use at their discretion.

Program Start: July 6, 2023

Program End: June 28, 2024

Selection Goals:

  • 10 students currently enrolled in a MI postsecondary program (all program types)
  • Attended a MI high school
  • Each TICAS region represented, if possible
  • Diverse socioeconomic, race/ethnicity
  • Diverse fields/programs of student (in addition to school types)

Applications are due by May 26, 2023 11:59pm ET