Sample Posts

  • California must continue to pave the way for an effective, student-centered, and equitable #finaid system. Last year’s historic investments to expand the #CalGrant were monumental- but we must build on that momentum through strengthened investments in student aid.


  • Access to #highered will play a vital role in an equitable recovery from the ongoing pandemic. It’s critical that California continues to prioritize the expansion of the #CalGrant so more students have the opportunity to attain their higher ed goals.


  • A robust state #finaid system and a stronger #CalGrant are needed for California to reach its college attainment and equity goals. California‚Äôs leaders must continue prioritizing the expansion of this vital program for our least-resourced students.


  • Strengthening the #CalGrant should not only include widening its access to all under-resourced Californians, but also ensure that the awards meaningfully address the burdensome non-tuition expenses that continue to make up the majority of students’ total college costs.