Sample Posts

  • #SB802 will reauthorize @CaBPPE and #ProtectStudents in #CA against predatory institutions. [@OrgHandle] and partners submitted comments in support, check them out here:
  • #SB802 is going to be heard in Asm. Business & Prof. on Weds. 7/14. We recommend the bill be amended to empower @CaBPPE to #ProtectStudents by creating min. operating standards, giving the Bureau more discretion on institutional approvals, and requiring surety bonds.
  • .@CaBPPE is responsible for regulating #4profit colleges in CA. #SB802 will reauthorize the Bureau and strengthen its authority to continue to #ProtectStudents. The hearing will be held on Weds. 7/14 at 1:30 p.m. PT in Asm. B & P. Read our comments here:
  • In CA, #4profits represent 49/55 colleges where most students borrow but few repay. #SB802 will reauthorize @CaBPPE and further strengthen its authority to #ProtectStudents against predatory institutions. Read our comments here:
  • The @CaBPPE is up for reauthorization, and #SB802 will be heard in Asm. Business & Professions TODAY July 14 @ 1:30 p.m. PT. The hearing will be broadcast live, and you can find more information here:
  • Did you know that 49 out of the 55 colleges where most students borrow and few repay in California are #4profit colleges? California must continue to #ProtectStudents from predatory institutions. Learn more from the new @TICAS_Org fact sheet:
  • At #4profit colleges in CA, Black students represent 13% of undergraduate students (vs 5% at public/nonprofit colleges). California must continue to #ProtectStudents and reauthorize @CaBPPE. For more information, check out @TICAS_Org for-profit fact sheet:
  • ICYMI: Pell Grant recipients represent over 54% of #4profit undergraduate degree-seeking students in CA, compared to 32% at public/nonprofit colleges. @CaBPPE must be empowered to #ProtectStudents. Learn more from the new @TICAS_org fact sheet here: