Our January 2021 survey of California college students reveals how the pandemic has changed students’ finances and affected their ability to continue and complete their education. Impacted students share their experiences navigating college and the pandemic, and TICAS policy experts discuss meaningful steps state and federal policymakers can take to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on longstanding systemic inequities in college affordability and completion that higher education advocates are working to eliminate.

Topics covered in our June 9th webinar will include:

  • Changes in students’ incomes and expenses, including the impact of increased non-tuition expenses on students’ ability to continue their education.
  • Inequities in reported hardships and expected degree delays because of the pandemic.
  • Student loan repayment concerns and financial shocks among borrowers enrolled at the start of the pandemic.

Our survey and this event are made possible with generous support from the Michelson 20MM Foundation.