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Education Department to Provide Automatic Closed School Discharges

Last week, following through on court order, the Department of Education announced it was planning to forgive $150 million in student loans for borrowers who were defrauded by their colleges. As James Kvaal told the Washington Post and Associated Press: “While it shouldn't take a court order, the Department’s announcement is welcome news for 15,000 borrowers whose colleges closed. But these 15,000 borrowers are a small fraction of those eligible for loan discharges because their schools closed or committed illegal acts. It's long past time for the Department of Education to meet its legal obligations to students."

James Kvaal on Student Debt and Post-College Employment

TICAS president James Kvaal recently appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal with Jesse J. Holland to discuss our latest report Of Metrics and Markets: Measuring Post-College Employment Success. While students consistently rank the ability to get a good job as one of the most important factors in their college choices, too often this critical information is unavailable or misleading. Our new report describes the current patchwork of available data that results from varied federal, state, and accrediting agency requirements, details cases of fraud and misrepresentation, and makes recommendations for policymakers to make accurate, comparable and transparent information available to students and families.

Check out the discussion on standardizing post-college employment rate metrics and what critical policy solutions will lead to accurate, comparable and verifiable information.

Read Of Metrics and Markets: Measuring Post-College Employment Success

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