Student Debt and the Class of 2005

August 29, 2006

New analysis provides a unique, state-level look at student loan debt, with total, public, and private sector averages for all 50 states. The findings challenge common assumptions about the relationship between debt and other factors such as tuition and cost of living.

High Hopes, Big Debts

June 6, 2006

A new analysis finds that the number of college graduates with high levels of student debt has skyrocketed since the early nineties, even after accounting for inflation. In 1993, 1.3 percent of graduating seniors with student loans owed $40,000 or more (in 2004 dollars). In 2004, 7.7 percent owed more than $40,000. That’s a 10-fold jump from approximately 7,000 to 77,550 new...

Petition for Rulemaking

May 4, 2006

The Project on Student Debt filed an administrative petition with the Department of Education for a rulemaking process to make student loan repayment more fair and manageable. Many of the goals of the petition were eventually accomplished through the legislative rather than regulatory process, with the passage of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007.