Private Loans: Facts and Trends

July 1, 2011

Analysis of federal data from 2007-08 reveals that two-thirds of private loan borrowers did not take out all they could in safer, more affordable federal loans. This fact sheet also finds that a majority of private loan borrowers in 2007-08 attended schools with tuition and fees of $10,000 or less, and that African-American students were the most likely to take out private student...

Financial Aid Facts at California Community Colleges

March 17, 2010

Hundreds of thousands of California Community College (CCC) students are eligible for federal Pell Grants but do not apply, leaving up to $500 million unclaimed in 2009-10. This fact sheet compares CCC financial aid application rates to the rest of the country, and also examines the inadequacy of financial aid that some CCC students do receive.

Quick Facts About Community Colleges and Financial Aid, 2007-08

May 13, 2009

Community colleges are usually considered a low-cost college option, but the sticker price is only part of the real story - students often struggle to cover a range of related costs and living expenses. Our new fact focuses on community college students who apply for financial aid and attend full-time: their need for aid compared to students at other types of colleges; how much...