Cal Grant GPA Increases Would Hurt College Completion Rates

March 7, 2012

Governor Brown’s 2012-13 proposed budget would substantially raise the grade point average (GPA) thresholds required to receive new Cal Grants, locking out more than a third of applicants currently eligible for entitlement grants -- particularly those who need Cal Grants to stay enrolled and complete college.

Data Show No Evidence of “Over-Borrowing” at Community Colleges: Colleges Don’t Need Further Authority to Limit Student Aid Options

January 6, 2012

Some community colleges have expressed concerns that their students borrow more than they need in federal loans. However, the data do not support claims of “over-borrowing” at community colleges. The vast majority of community college students do not borrow federal loans at all, and the few who do borrow do not take out large loan amounts.  

House FY12 Appropriations Bill Penalizes Work for Low-Income Students by Cutting the Income Protection Allowance (IPA)

October 11, 2011

The Income Protection Allowance (IPA) is the amount of income a student or family can keep to cover minimal living expenses before being expected to contribute toward college costs. According to one student aid expert, it is “a modest allowance for basic living expenses. It barely addresses well-body care.” The House Fiscal Year 2012 appropriations bill drastically rolls...

House FY12 Appropriations Bill’s Expanded Income Definition Hurts the Neediest Students

October 11, 2011

Under current law, students with family incomes below $32,000 who also meet additional requirements may receive an automatic-zero expected family contribution (EFC), making them eligible for the maximum Pell Grant if they attend full-time. The House Fiscal Year 2012 appropriations bill rolls back this income requirement to the lowest level in history, so that students whose family...