Tips for new grads; new rules to curb student aid abuses

Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates

The Class of 2010 will be getting their first student loan bills this month as the grace period on federal student loans expires. We have updated our fact sheet for new borrowers, including information for those who are unemployed or having trouble affording their payments.

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Final Regulations will Curb Recruiting and Student Aid Abuses

New rules finalized last week by the U.S. Department of Education are good news for students and taxpayers. For all topics except "gainful employment," this was the final step of the negotiated rulemaking process initiated by the Department more than a year ago to ensure the integrity of the federal financial aid programs. Among other positive reforms, the rules restore the ban on incentive compensation, so that college representatives can no longer be paid based on the number of students they enroll. These rules are an important start, but we urge the Department to put additional protections in place by 2011 and to issue a strong gainful employment regulation that will go into effect 2012.

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New College Board Reports on College Pricing and Student Aid

Every year the College Board puts out two very important reports, Trends in College Pricing and Trends in Student Aid. This year's Trends reports showed how recent historic Pell Grant increases helped students and families weather tuition increases and a tough economy. Pell Grants are an essential tool to help make college affordable, and Congress is expected to consider funding for Pell Grants later this month.  

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