Take Action: Tell Congress to Defend Students, Don't Raid Pell Grant Funding!

Tell Congress to Defend Students, Don’t Raid Pell Grant Funding!

Student debt is hitting record highs, and low-income students already graduate with the most debt. Yet we’ve just learned that some in Congress are planning to raid Pell Grant funding—money reserved to help make sure the most financially vulnerable college students don’t have to borrow even more. Pell is a program that nearly 8 million students from low- and middle-income families depend on to afford college. As Americans are struggling more than ever to pay for the rising cost of college, we should be working to bolster the Pell Grant program, not hamper it.

The Senate is expected to release its plan to fund Pell Grants next week! We need your help NOW to urge Congress to use Pell Grant funds for Pell Grants only. With just a few clicks, email Congress telling them we need to invest in and strengthen Pell Grants to help more students complete college without burdensome debt. Click here to learn more and to urge your Representative and Senators to oppose the raid on Pell Grant funding.