Take Action to Help Defrauded Students Get Debt Relief

The U.S. Department of Education is taking public comments on its proposed regulations to provide debt relief to students defrauded by unscrupulous colleges and to hold these colleges accountable so that they, not taxpayers, pay for their wrongdoing. The proposed new rules clarify and improve protections for students and taxpayers in important ways and will help curb bad behavior by predatory colleges. At the same time, the rules need to be strengthened, because as written they also roll back eligibility for student loan relief in some cases and make it likely that many defrauded borrowers will get partial or no relief. 

ACT NOW to encourage the Education Department to strengthen the protections for students and taxpayers and to defend the rules from attacks by the for-profit college industry.

It is critical that the Education Department know that there is support for strong rules to protect students and taxpayers. PLEASE ACT NOW! Call for a strong rule that protects students and taxpayers from unscrupulous schools.