A Request from Our Interim President

After a decade as a both a member and chair of the board for the Institute for College Access & Success, I’ve had a pretty good view of all that TICAS does for students and families. What I have seen – and have been honored to be part of – is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that punches way above its weight as it works hard to make college more affordable, student debt more manageable, and economic mobility more possible.

I’ve always known TICAS to be a highly effective organization; but only when I became the interim president this year did I learn first-hand just how tirelessly TICAS staff fight every day for low-income students and struggling borrowers – and how efficiently TICAS turns philanthropic resources into gains and protections for our most vulnerable college students.

The current administration and Congress are determined to dismantle critical protections for students and taxpayers. They want to restrict college access through billions of dollars in cuts to Pell Grants and tax policies that will make it harder for many to afford to complete a college degree. And they are hell-bent on weakening or even dismantling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Through it all, I have watched in awe as TICAS has remained outspoken and relentless, even in this difficult environment, in its commitment to protecting students from waste, fraud, and abuse, improving federal aid policies for those with financial need, and increasing college oversight and accountability.

But we can't do it without you.

While our country’s leaders want to make college access and success more difficult for students and borrowers who need our support the most, TICAS will continue its student-centered, evidence-based, and results-oriented approach to policy and advocacy, nationally and in California. We pledge to remain steadfast in our work. But we need your help. Please join us and make your end-of-year donation to TICAS today.

In gratitude,

Richard Kazis,
TICAS Board Chair and Interim President