Publications by Date

The Institute for College Access & Success, March 2007
This report outlines a plan for simplifying the financial aid application process by letting financial aid applicants ask the IRS to automatically answer many of the most difficult and important questions on the FAFSA. In addition to dramatically simplifying the process for students and families,...
Holland + Knight LLP, March 2007
This legal opinion concludes that the IRS may legally release tax transcript information to the Department of Education with a financial aid applicant's written request. This procedure could be used to simplify the financial aid application process by automatically answering some of the most...
Project on Student Debt, January 2007
The Senate bill, a companion to H.R 5, would increase the Pell Grant and improve protections for student borrowers, in addition to cutting student loan interest rates. Some of these protections reflect elements of our Plan for Fair Loan Payments.
The Project on Student Debt, January 2007
The Project on Student Debt has analyzed the new House leadership's proposal to cut the interest rate on certain federal student loans in half over five years. To find out who would benefit and how much, read the analysis.
Project on Student Debt, NERCHE, November 2006
This broad-based, multi-disciplinary research agenda to inform financial aid policies and student advising was sponsored by the New England Resource Center for Higher Education as well as the Project on Student Debt.
Project on Student Debt, October 2006
The best way to compare prices on a student loan is to match up the interest rates with all other factors held equal. But when lenders offer different types of discounts at different points in the repayment process, comparisons aren’t easy.
Project on Student Debt, September 2006
The director of the Project on Student Debt addressed the Department of Education in a public hearing at the University of California at Berkeley. This was the first of four hearings held as part of the Department's negotiated rulemaking process.
Project on Student Debt, September 2006
The Associate Director of the Project on Student Debt addressed the ACSFA about ways of simplifying the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by using information the government already has.
Average Debt by State, Sector, and School
The Project on Student Debt, August 2006
New analysis provides a unique, state-level look at student loan debt, with total, public, and private sector averages for all 50 states. The findings challenge common assumptions about the relationship between debt and other factors such as tuition and cost of living.
Project on Student Debt, June 2006
A new analysis finds that the number of college graduates with high levels of student debt has skyrocketed since the early nineties, even after accounting for inflation. In 1993, 1.3 percent of graduating seniors with student loans owed $40,000 or more (in 2004 dollars). In 2004, 7.7 percent owed...