Publications by Date

February 2009
Nineteen organizations sent a letter to the U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner urging him to make the receipt of TALF funds for private student loan financing conditional upon adequate consumer protections and better data reporting.
Project on Student Debt, January 2009
We are part of a coalition calling on Reps. Barney Frank and George Miller, who chair the House Financial Services and Education committees, respectively, to push for necessary borrower protections should bailout funds be given to private loan lenders.
The Institute for College Access & Success, January 2009
It is important for students, policymakers, and the public to have timely and accurate information on financial aid to inform decision making and hold colleges accountable for their policies and practices. We support the proposed changes to the IPEDS Student Financial Aid (SFA) survey because they...
The Project on Student Debt, December 2008
Thirteen higher education groups urge that an economic stimulus bill include major new investments in college affordability, including a dramatic Pell Grant increase, a boost in funding for Federal Work-Study, more access to PLUS loans, and emergency federal loan funds for some students.
The Institute for College Access & Success, November 2008
Our comments on the draft 2009-2010 Student Aid Report (SAR) emphasize the need for the report to send a clear message about students' federal aid eligibility and the steps they must take to receive awards. The SAR should prioritize the most useful information and present it as clearly and...
The Project on Student Debt, November 2008
This letter was sent to Congressional leaders, and outlines our proposal for making technical corrections to the regulations for Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. The corrections would ensure that the programs are as available and accessible as possible, and that the...
The Project on Student Debt, November 2008
The Project was one of nine national organizations to send this letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson urging him to reconsider the plan to prop up private student loan markets with funds from the $700 billion economic rescue package. Private student loans are risky and expensive, and...
The Project on Student Debt, November 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama and his administration will soon be making important decisions about the types of financial resources available to students and their families, as well as how easy those resources are to find out about, apply for, and use. We sent a letter to President-Elect Obama...

How Financial Aid Awareness Affects College Access and Success
The Institute for College Accesss & Success, November 2008
In a time of over-rising college costs, financial aid is critical to increase access and success. Federal, state, and institutional aid programs help to ensure that students can afford higher education regardless of economic background. Financial aid is most effective when students and families...
The Project on Student Debt, October 2008
Our report finds that the average student loan debt for graduating seniors climbed by six percent in one year, while starting salaries rose by only three percent. Debt levels vary widely by state, with some Midwestern and New England states facing the highest debts.