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The Institute for College Access & Success, February 2016

Testimony of Debbie Cochrane, Research Director of the Institute for College Access & Success, for the California Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, Subcommittee 1 on Education "Assessing Community College Affordability: Financial Aid Programs, Free Community College and Options...

February 2016

The federal government should tie colleges’ eligibility for federal aid more closely to the level of risk those institutions present to students and taxpayers, and provide rewards for colleges where risks are low. To achieve this, we recommend using a new measure called the Student Default Risk...

The Institute for College Access & Success, February 2016

Map comparing the total costs of college for each of the nine undergraduate-serving campuses of the University of California and nearby California State University and community college campuses, which reflect the colleges’ own estimates of what low-income students have to pay, after...

The Institute for College Access & Success, January 2016

Updated frequently asked questions regarding the "90-10" rule, a federal law barring for-profit colleges from receiving more than 90% of their revenues from Department of Education federal student aid, including information on proposals for strengthening it....

The Institute for College Access & Success, December 2015

A chart summarizing the existing income-driven repayment plans in the United States.

November 2015

Letter from education advocates, youth advocates, and the business community urging members of the House and Senate appropriations committees to protect Pell Grant funding during ongoing appropriations negotiations.

The Institute for College Access & Success, October 2015

Seven in 10 seniors (69%) who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges in 2014 had student loan debt, with an average of $28,950 per borrower. Over the last decade—from 2004 to 2014—the share of graduates with debt rose modestly (from 65% to 69%) while average debt at graduation rose at more...

October 2015

Letter to all Members of Congress from more than 50 organizations expressing strong opposition to any appropriations rider that would block or delay implementation of the gainful employment regulation.

The Institute for College Access & Success, October 2015

Comments on the Department of Education's draft paper and online versions of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2016-17 award year. To ensure that applying for federal aid is as straightforward as possible for students and families, we recommend specific changes to make...

The Institute for College Access & Success, September 2015

Comments in response to the August 20, 2015 Federal Register notice soliciting input on topics to be included in the U.S. Department of Education’s upcoming negotiated rulemaking on borrower defenses to repayment.


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