Make it Simple, Keep it Fair: A Proposal to Streamline and Improve Income-Driven Repayment of Federal Student Loans

May 3, 2017

Report provides practical roadmap for designing an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan that works better for both students and taxpayers. Includes detailed proposal to streamline the multiple IDR plans into one improved plan that caps monthly payments at 10% of income, provides tax-free loan forgiveness after 20 years of payments, and targets benefits to borrowers who need help...

Voices from the FAFSA Frontlines Reveal Complexity and Costs of “Verification” Paperwork Affecting Millions of Low-Income Students

November 15, 2016

On the Sidelines of Simplification: Stories of Navigating the FAFSA Verification Process exposes how an often-overlooked part of the federal student aid process delays aid and enrollment for low-income students, consuming the time of college access and financial aid professionals and frustrating their efforts to help students afford and succeed in college.

States of Denial: Where Community College Students Lack Access to Federal Student Loans

June 29, 2016

Nearly one million community college students across the nation are denied access to federal student loans, the safest and most affordable way to borrow for college, because their school chooses not to offer them. Our report includes national and state-by-state analyses of loan access by race/ethnicity and urban/non-urban status in 2015-16, and explores notable trends in California,...