First Comes Diploma, Then Comes Debt. Unequal Debt Burdens among University of California Undergraduates

March 21, 2019

A new report from the University of California Student Association and The Institute for College Access & Success finds that the lowest income University of California (UC) bachelor’s degree recipients were the most likely to leave school with student loan debt to repay. Students of color are also paying the price; while overall 50 percent of dependent 2017-18 UC bachelor’s...

Employment Outcomes at California Colleges: Improving Information for Students, Schools, and Policymakers

March 12, 2019

California has long led the nation in developing and maintaining quality higher education options for students, as well as in providing financial aid and consumer protections for those who access that education. However, employment and wage outcome data available from colleges and postsecondary institutions in California vary widely depending on what - and what kind - of school...

Designing Financial Aid for California’s Future

November 19, 2018

Designing Financial Aid for California’s Future, higher education researchers explore in detail ways that California’s policymakers could improve the design and delivery of state financial aid to create more affordable, equitable public higher education opportunities.