Letter from College Affordability Coalition Members Urging Comprehensive Approach to Higher Education Reform

October 11, 2019

18 organizations urge Senate HELP Committee leadership to reject a piecemeal approach to higher education reform and instead pass a comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization that makes major strides in increasing college affordability, reduces the burden of student debt, and closes racial and economic equity gaps in college access and attainment.

Colleges Where Most Students Borrow and Few Repay

April 30, 2018

This analysis of College Scorecard data focuses on colleges where most students borrow and less than half of borrowers have paid down even $1 of their loan principal, 7 years into repayment. At half of all for-profit colleges, most students borrow and few can repay. African-American students, Pell Grant recipients, and first-generation students all disproportionately enroll...