Poll and petition email update

A new national survey, conducted by a bipartisan polling team, finds that Americans see student debt as a serious problem for both middle-class and low-income families. They believe government should be doing more to help, and they support reforms to make loan payments more manageable.

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A Call for More Affordable Ways to Repay

Groups representing students, parents, educators, and the loan industry have asked the Secretary of Education to initiate regulatory changes that would create more affordable ways to repay student loans. The goal is to fix confusing and contradictory rules that are supposed to protect borrowers who make good faith efforts to meet their obligations.

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Take Action

Ask the Secretary of Education to fix the student loan repayment system! Add your voice to the call to set affordable limits on loan payments and forgive certain debts after 20 years.

Public comments can influence the Department of Education’s response to the administrative petition filed by the Project and other groups on May 4. Make your voice heard!

(This announcement was sent to the Project on Student Debt mailing list on May 4, 2006.)