Pell Grants at Risk This Weekend

Pell Grants at Risk This Weekend

More than 9 million Americans depend on Pell Grants to get to and through college. At a time of record income inequality and unemployment Pell Grants are crucial to economic mobility and opportunity. Yet students struggling to afford higher education are at risk of being among the first victims of Washington's current budget battle. 

President Obama has set a 36-hour deadline to reach a deal on the nation's debt ceiling with the Republican leadership. That means Congress' threat to slash Pell Grants could materialize over the weekend. To save Pell, you must act NOW!

Poor and working-class students have already contributed to deficit reduction - with the elimination of the summer Pell program earlier this year, they "contributed" $40 billion over 10 years. We need to make it clear to President Obama that protecting Pell Grant funding is non-negotiable. He needs to know that we must not sacrifice support for students.

The political pressure to cut Pell is enormous and the Obama administration needs the support of a strong counterforce to resist that pressure. Take action and write to President Obama today. Tell him to protect Pell Grant awards and eligibility in negotiations over the debt ceiling. Here are three easy ways to make your voice heard:

  • Send the President an e-mail.
  • Call the White House comment line at 1-888-245-0215 and tell the President to take Pell Grant funding off the negotiating table.
  • Tweet to @whitehouse or @barackobama and use the #SavePell hashtag.