Pell Grants on the Chopping Block

Pell Grants on the Chopping Block

The House majority has made it very clear that it is ready and willing to cut federal grant aid for the nation's neediest college students.  The House Appropriations Committee recently offered up a bill that would cut students' Pell Grants - the cornerstone of the student aid system - by $44 billion over 10 years.  The bill, if passed, would slash millions of students' Pell Grants: completely eliminating grants for more than 550,000 students next year and for more than 1 million students in 2017, and reducing grants for millions more. 

The statistics can't be ignored: though the unemployment rate for recent college graduates was 9.1 percent in 2010, that's still less than half the unemployment rate for young adults with only a high school diploma. A recent bipartisan poll showed that young adults of all backgrounds and across the political spectrum oppose cutting access to Pell Grants.  As a college degree is more crucial than ever to succeed in our current economy, the House majority wants to cut off access to college for those most unable to afford it. Make your voice heard: Tell Congress to keep their hands off of Pell Grants.   

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