There is near universal concern about college affordability and student loan debt, and experts agree that these issues hurt students’ ability to get to and through college. Policy changes at the federal, state, or even college level can help bring college costs within students’ reach, but the complexity of financial aid makes it difficult to understand how students of interest are affected and which policy changes could most help.

Education and Technical Assistance

For over a decade, we have developed and shared our data-driven and student-centered expertise in California student aid policy to deepen understanding of financial aid among a variety of education stakeholders, as well as bolster their involvement in related policy debates.  Whether you work in government, at a college or college system, at a policy advocacy or philanthropic organization, or are in student leadership, the California Student Aid Workshop (CSAW) can help you develop a better understanding of how college affordability challenges and financial aid policy impact students, as well as how to identify and pursue opportunities for policy improvements.

Ways in which we can support your interests and efforts include:

  • Providing resources, analysis, technical assistance, advice and support
  • Presenting on issues of interest to your colleagues and membership, and producing tailored workshops for more in-depth trainings
  • Working one-on-one with you to identify how we can best assist your organization’s needs

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