Our First Video - Ditch Your Debt Gremlin!

Ditch Your Debt Gremlin!

Information on IBR now comes in cartoon form! Check out our first-ever video, "Ditch Your Debt Gremlin," a two-minute animated introduction to IBR. We hope you like it, and that you post it to your Facebook page, email it to everyone you know, link to it from your blog, etc to help get the word out about Income-Based Repayment before it becomes available on July 1.

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Important Student Loan Changes on July 1

The first of July is an important date for people with federal student loans: it's when interest rates and other terms change each year. On July 1, 2009, in addition to Income-Based Repayment becoming available, Pell grants are getting bigger, and the interest rates on new Subsidized Stafford loans and existing variable-rate loans are going down. You may be able to lock in rates as low as 1.88% by consolidating your variable-rate loans after July 1.

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