Protect Students and Taxpayers from Career Education Rip-Offs!

Protect Students and Taxpayers from Career Education Rip-Offs!

The Department of Education has released its proposed "gainful employment" regulation, but it needs to be strengthened to adequately protect students and taxpayers. Tell the Department the rule needs to prompt schools to quickly improve or end weak programs that consistently leave students with debts they can't pay, and it needs to require schools to provide financial relief to students who enrolled in programs that don't meet the modest proposed standards.

Administration’s Gainful Employment Proposal Must Be Strengthened; Our Take on the President’s Budget; Other News

Help us stand up for students in 2014!


It's been a busy year for TICAS, with major debates about college affordability and accountability - not to mention student loan interest rates! As always, we've been on the front lines, standing up for students and taxpayers.

Today, I'm writing to ask for your help. Like you, we're committed to seeing more low-income students get to and through college, and to reducing the burdens of student debt. 


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