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Official Comments on FAFSA Simplification

Earlier this week, we sent the Department of Education our comments on the draft 2009-2010 FAFSA, which is up for a full review under the Paperwork Reduction Act.  Our detailed recommendations focus on making the form easier to understand and use, especially for low-income students and their families.  In addition to a range of short-term fixes, we make the case for long-term simplification by prepopulating the form with IRS data. The recently reauthorized Higher Education Act paves the way for this

Speak Out to Save Cal Grants

Speak Out to Save Cal Grants!

Governor Schwarzenegger's revised 2008-09 state budget proposal, announced yesterday, would unfortunately still eliminate all new Competitive Cal Grants. These grants provide needed funds that help high-achieving, low-income students cover a range of college costs.

Cutting this program would hit community college students hardest, eliminating 45 percent of all new Cal Grants for community college students. Community college students make up 73 percent of those who will be hurt by this cut.

Economic Diversity update

New Data on Economic Diversity.org

New data for the 2005-06 academic year is live at EconomicDiversity.org today. EconomicDiversity.org is the only publicly available web site with campus-level, multi-year data on student income, financial aid, race and ethnicity, student loan debt, and other variables. Users can easily view data on specific colleges and universities, or compare multiple institutions. The site can be used to identify trends in student enrollment, diversity and financial aid


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