The Institute for College Access & Success, October 2009
In California and nationally, very few former foster youth make it to or through college, and cost is a major obstacle. A new report shows that despite federal and state programs and policies intended to help them afford college, surprisingly few California foster youth who apply for student aid...
The Institute for College Access & Success, October 2009
Our statement on the House Financial Services Committee's passage of a bill to create the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which would protect consumers from private student loans and other dangerous financial products.
The Institute for College Access & Success, October 2009
The College Board's "Trends in Student Aid" and "Trends in College Pricing" shed important light on how students pay for college and the role of student loans. Lauren Asher comments on the expected decrease in private loan volume and continued need for reform, the cost of for-profits, and...
Some Community Colleges’ Choices Put Students at Risk
October 2009
Today we released a new report, Getting with the Program: Community College Students Need Access to Federal Loans, which finds that nearly one in 10 community college students in the U.S. can't get a federal loan if they need one because their schools choose not to participate in the federal loan...
House Judiciary Committee to Examine the Issue this Wednesday
The Project on Student Debt, September 2009
On September 23, the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law held the first ever hearing on private student loans and bankruptcy. Lauren Asher testified as an invited witness, arguing that private student loans should be treated like other consumer debt in...
The Institute for College Access & Success, September 2009
Statement of Lauren Asher on passage of H.R. 3221, the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009.
Expert says annual increases in grant aid will reduce need to borrow
The Institute for College Access & Success, July 2009
Lauren Asher, president of the Institute and the Project on Student Debt, praises landmark legislation for federal student aid and highlights important facts.
The Project on Student Debt, June 2009
Income-Based Repayment (IBR), a new federal program that caps monthly student loan payments based on a borrower’s income and family size, goes into effect on July 1. The application for this program, along with more information about eligibility, is now available on the U.S. Department of Education...
The Institute for College Access & Success, June 2009
With students and families more worried than ever about how to pay for college, the Obama Administration’s actions to simplify the financial aid process couldn’t have come at a better time. Starting in January of 2010, some students will be able to electronically pre-populate the FAFSA with their...
The Institute for College Access & Success, June 2009
The board of directors of The Institute for College Access...


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