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Private Loan Rates Up? Not Much By This Test.

March 16, 2008

Lenders have made it clear that students with poor credit are less likely to be able to find a private student loan. Fortunately, students have good federal options. But for students or parents with good credit who decide they want a private student loan, have rates increased? Some analysts guess yes, but it is a difficult question to analyze. Unless lenders release their pricing...

Exactly the Same

March 7, 2008

Nearly a year ago, long before the current credit crunch, I spent some time reviewing the various methods of comparing prices on private student loans. I found that the "as low as" rates advertised on comparison sites don't tell the shopper very much. I also found that it is very difficult to get an actual rate quote for comparison purposes, because you have to complete entire...

Many Community Colleges Deny Access to Federal Loans

February 15, 2008

No one wants students to borrow unnecessarily or to borrow too much, but students who do need and want to borrow should be able to do so in the safest way possible. That is why the federal guaranteed student loan programs were created. The federal loan programs are entitlements, meaning that they were designed to be available to all students who apply for loans.