New Features and Data on College InSight

Dear College InSight users,

We are pleased to announce a number of new features and data updates on College InSight, our dynamic higher education data website. Based on your feedback, we are continuing to improve the site to make its data on college affordability, diversity, and student success as accessible and useful as possible.

  1. Now it is easier than ever to make state-to-state comparisons and view aggregated data, such as total enrollment for the different sectors in your state or national averages for student debt. While selecting entities on any of our pages (Spotlight, Topics, or Explore All Data), choose "Level of Aggregation" as your search criteria. Select one or more values from the menu and a list of entities meeting your criteria will appear. For example, if you pick "State-Total," you will be presented with a list of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

  2. You can now save and email results from any page. After you have generated results, click the red "save" button which appears above the data tables. A pop-up window will appear with a permalink URL to your saved results, as well as an option to email your results.

  3. Easily revise and regenerate queries that you made before. After you have saved results, you can return to the saved permalink URL at any time, revise any of the parameters, and regenerate the results. For example, if you often analyze data for a particular group of colleges, you can use this feature to add or change variables in Explore All Data without having to individually add each college to your list every time.

  4. New data on graduation rates and financial aid. The site now includes recently released 2007-08 data on graduation rates and financial aid for full-time freshmen. In an effort to keep our data as timely as possible, we will periodically update College InSight as new data become available.

  5. New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page about our features and data, as well as troubleshooting tips.

Please email with any questions, suggestions, or other feedback about College InSight.

Thanks and we hope you continue to enjoy using the site,

The College InSight team at the Institute for College Access & Success:Matt Reed, program directorDiane Cheng, research associateEdie Irons, communications director