New Community College Facts; Tips for Recent Grads

Quick Facts About Financial Aid and Community Colleges

About one in four full-time college students in the U.S. -- 2.2 million students -- attends a community college. Of full-time community college students who applied for financial aid, 80 percent did not get as much aid as they needed in 2007-08. We also found that although a relatively small percentage of community college students take out private student loans, these borrowers were much more likely than their peers at four-year institutions to miss out on cheaper federal loans.

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Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Grads

We’ve updated our Top 10 List of student loan tips for students preparing to graduate and enter “the real world.” Many students are looking at their student loans more closely now than they ever have before, and wondering how they will handle the burden. Our tips can help young people keep payments affordable, avoid fees and extra interest costs, and protect their credit rating.

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