New CA community college analysis, and a DC update

California Community College Students and State Economy Miss Out on Millions in Pell Grants

Yesterday we released a new analysis of financial aid patterns at California's community colleges. We found that hundreds of thousands of California community college students are eligible for federal Pell Grants but do not apply, leaving up to $500 million in aid unclaimed in 2009-10 alone. The fact sheet also compares CCC financial aid application rates to the rest of the country, and documents the inadequacy of financial aid that some CCC students do receive.

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Action Alert!! Congress to Vote on Historic Student Loan Reform and Pell Increase

Today the House of Representatives unveiled an historic student loan reform bill, which will be voted on this weekend in a package with health care reform. A vote in the Senate will quickly follow. The bill will significantly increase need-based Pell Grants at no cost to taxpayers, with savings generated by streamlining the federal student loan programs. The bill will also expand Income-Based Repayment for borrowers who take out their first federal loan after 2014.   

The House votes this weekend, and the Senate votes soon after!

Please urge your representative to support this historic bill!

Please urge your senators to support this bill!


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