Press Release/Statement | October 5, 2022

TICAS Launches Michigan Advocacy and Knowledge Management Resource

Author: Statement of Onjila Odeneal, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Michigan

“As a national organization focused on affordability, accountability, and equity in higher education, The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) is a trusted source of research, design, and advocacy for student-centered public policies.

“We established TICAS (Michigan) in Lansing three years ago, and in that time have developed integral relationships with a wide range of policy stakeholders who are doing great work improving the systems and investments that support Michiganders getting to and through their educational pursuits. This time also allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the Michigan higher education history, ecosystem, program structures, and areas of opportunity in policy to identify ways to support and elevate the needs of students and families.

“I’m excited to announce the relaunch of the TICAS Michigan webpage along with great resources, such as our new Michigan college access and success interactive map on our webpage, as an outreach campaign to identify the needs and areas of support sought by our Michigan community and education stakeholders.

“As we seek policy changes through advocacy and research, we know that for those changes to be effective and sustainable, we must learn from, engage, and empower those most affected by it. Policy and advocacy can be complex and overwhelming. Our goal moving forward is to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the students, families, and professionals affected most by higher education policy decisions. We also want to help demystify the complexities of educational policy and systems to empower community engagement in advocacy and the system changes necessary for student success.

“The path forward for TICAS (Michigan), is continuing the policy work necessary to create equitable access to quality education with minimal loan debt for all students, while uplifting community and student voice to the spaces where decisions are made. We plan to provide stakeholders with researched-backed resources on higher education across Michigan, learning tools on educational policy and the policymaking process, and identify ways to get involved in policy and advocacy.

“Using the “Connect with TICAS Michigan” link below, let us know how we can best support you and your community.  From the novice to the experts, we want to hear from you!”

Connect with TICAS Michigan