Press Release/Statement | August 22, 2013

TICAS Welcomes White House Plan To Promote College Access and Success and Reduce the Burden of Student Debt

“We welcome the President’s call to develop measures to reward colleges that prioritize access, affordability, quality, and student success. It will be easy to do this poorly and hard to do it well, but we cannot continue on the current path of college costs rising faster than family incomes and grant aid. Student debt is at record levels and rising. Students and families need better information about costs and outcomes when making college choices, and we can’t afford to continue investing in those schools that overcharge and under-deliver.

“The President’s plan acknowledges that the federal government, states, and institutions share responsibility for keeping quality higher education within reach for all Americans. Unless states and institutions do their part to rebuild and maintain accessible, affordable, high-quality higher education, college costs and debt levels will only continue to escalate.”

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