The U.S. Department of Education just announced its plan to eliminate the gainful employment rule, which protects hundreds of thousands of students from being swamped by loans they cannot afford, and Secretary DeVos needs to hear from YOU!

The gainful employment rule ensures that career education programs at public, nonprofit, and for-profit colleges do not leave their typical graduates with debts that are unaffordable, relative to their earnings. It is needed to prevent poorly performing programs from continuing to bilk students and taxpayers, and to keep unscrupulous schools from enrolling as many students as possible without regard to the quality of the training or job prospects.

The Department is seeking comments from the public on its plan to repeal the regulation, and it takes less than a minute to make your voice heard. Tell Secretary DeVos a strong gainful employment rule is needed to protect students and taxpayers from career education programs that consistently leave their leave their graduates with unaffordable student debts.

ACT NOW! Submit your comment to the Department now. After you fill out your contact information, click SUBMIT to edit your comment and send it directly to the U.S. government’s website.

Comments must be received by SEPTEMBER 13! Tell Education Secretary DeVos to abandon her proposal to eliminate the existing gainful employment rule, and to immediately begin following the law.