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New Report

Today we issued a new report, Going to the Source: A Practical Way to Simplify the FAFSA. The FAFSA's complexity is a widely recognized obstacle to college access and success. We recommend letting financial aid applicants ask the IRS to automatically answer many of the most difficult and important questions on the FAFSA. In addition to dramatically simplifying the process for students and families, this reform would also cut down on costly verification paperwork for colleges and universities, and reduce the danger of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This approach to simplification has strong support from college access and financial aid experts, who participated in the report’s release.

Congressional leaders also joined today’s news conference and announced the introduction of legislation calling on the Department of Education and the IRS to follow up on our proposal.

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A New Look for the Institute

In addition to a new logo, The Institute for College Access & Success (home of the Project on Student Debt) has a revamped web site, with more information about our work on student debt, FAFSA simplification, and other projects and publications.