For 15 years, The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) has worked to close economic and racial gaps in college opportunity.

Our research and advocacy have contributed to more affordable student loan repayment plans, larger Pell Grants and Cal Grants, a simpler financial aid application process, and other policies that make college more affordable, accountable, and equitable for students.

We take pride in what we have done. But, ultimately, our success is measured by the impact our work has on students’ lives, and we know there is so much more left to do.

More than a million students default on their student loans each year, and many more struggle to make their loan payments. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting job loss and state budget crises, are likely to exacerbate these problems. The decisions state and federal policymakers make over the next year will have impacts on student debt that will affect the next 15 years.

This work is more important than ever. While we are celebrating our accomplishments now, more importantly, we are taking time to reflect on the past, learn in the moment, and plan for what comes next.

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15th Anniversary Panel – The Long View on Student Debt

Join us on October 7 for The Long View on Student Debt – the release of our 15th annual report on student debt for college graduates and a convening of higher education experts to discuss how college affordability and student debt have changed over the past 15 years – and what these trends, the pandemic, and the presidential election will mean for the future of student debt.

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As we look back on our first 15 years, we’re proud to have worked to help many more students earn a college degree, ensure that borrowers’ debt can be affordably repaid, and keep low-quality, predatory colleges and lenders from exploiting students. We are equally proud of and cherish the relationships we have built with students, advocates, policymakers, and people like you. Together we renew our commitment to this work, and your support helps us keep fighting for affordability, accountability, and equity in higher education.

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