Statement on FY18 Omnibus Budget and Pell Grant Funding

March 21, 2018
Statement of James Kvaal

We are grateful that Congress has heeded the recent call from over 60 diverse, national organizations to prioritize Pell Grants in the FY18 Omnibus. The bill released tonight eliminates a previously proposed cut to Pell Grant program reserve funds, and in doing so will help keep the program on solid fiscal footing in the coming years. The bill also raises the maximum Pell Grant by $175 from $5,920 to $6,095 in the 2018-19 school year. While this meaningful 3% increase will provide a one-time offset to cover what the grant's automatic annual inflation adjustment would have provided were it not ending this year, the maximum grant will continue to cover less than one-third of the cost of four-year public college and its value will continue to fall further behind college costs in future years.