Press Release/Statement | May 4, 2020

New Tools and Data on College Access, Affordability, and Success Available on College Insight

College Insight (, a unique resource that provides user-friendly college profiles as well as detailed, research-level higher education data for over 12,000 U.S. colleges and universities, and includes over 400 variables, was recently upgraded with new tools and features to bring higher ed data to your fingertips.

“Doing better for students requires knowing how you’re doing. And that starts with data,” said Debbie Cochrane, TICAS executive vice president. “The updated College Insight expands the utility and functionality of a tool that researchers, journalists, and policymakers have relied upon for over a decade.”

Use College Spotlight to compare institutions to other institutions, state or the nation, or the Explore All Data tool to build custom tables from our giant library of variables. The newly launched advanced search function allows users to compare multiple colleges, states, or types of schools, with common searches pre-populated to quickly get the information you need. Want even more flexibility? Download our full dataset and codebook to make the data your own.

Our new Topics feature allows users to learn more about top issues facing students and graduates in the U.S., including:

  • Affordability: tuition and the total cost of attendance; how students cover costs through federal, state, and college grant aid, as well as student loans; average student debt levels; colleges’ use of need- and merit-based aid.
  • Distance Education: Share of students enrolled in distance education courses.
  • Completion: Graduation rates and outcome measures by student type.

“The new features on College Insight will allow students, families, policymakers, and researchers to more easily access data about higher education that will allow for better decisions,” research director Oliver Schak.

Whether you’re a research analyst, financial aid advisory, student, or just interested in learning more about college access, affordability, and success, College Insight can help you find what you need.

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