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CIS screenshotCollege InSight ( is a unique web site for higher education data and research. The site is a valuable resource for anyone interested in college affordability, student debt, economic and racial diversity, student success, and other important issues in higher education. The site replaces and improves upon our previous campus-level data site,

College InSight provides user-friendly profiles with detailed information for almost 5,000 U.S. colleges and universities, and aggregates data to create totals and averages for states, types of schools, and other groupings. Compare colleges, states, and more based on important issues:

  • Affordability: tuition and the total cost of attendance; how students cover costs through federal, state, and college grant aid, as well as student loans; average student debt levels; colleges' use of need- and merit-based aid.

  • Diversity: data on the racial and ethnic diversity of both students and faculty; indicators of student economic diversity, such as the percentage of undergraduates who received federal Pell Grants and the income distribution of students who applied for financial aid.

  • Student success: graduation rates and the number of degrees and certificates awarded.

The mission of College InSight is to provide indicators of college affordability, diversity, and student success on campus to policymakers and the public. By making relevant information easy to access and analyze, we hope to enable research and inform policies to make college more available and affordable to people of all backgrounds.

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