College Access Marketing

Working for the Pathways to College Network, The Institute developed a web site to assist agencies and organizations that want to use marketing techniques to help increase college participation. The site allows college access professionals the ability to share effective strategies, avoid common mistakes, and find creative ideas.

It includes:

  • An eight-step guide for creating a campaign, including how to pick the right target audience, identify the best ways to reach them, and build a strong marketing plan.

  • A searchable, multimedia gallery of ads, posters, and other marketing material from campaigns around the country.

  • Profiles of notable campaigns and stories from practitioners about their experiences in the field.

  • Tools to help practitioners define their goals, keep their campaigns on track, and identify helpful outside resources.

To develop the site, we pulled together a team of communications professionals and designers. Through research, meetings, and interviews, we tapped into the knowledge and experiences of current college access marketers. The web site combines their insights with expertise from the larger field of social marketing, packaged so that both novices and experienced practitioners can find the information they need to build or improve a college access marketing campaign. The site can be viewed at

Concept: Robert Shireman

Content development: Lauren Asher

Graphic design: Kalen Meyer

Intern: Edie Irons

Web site construction: Catherine Betts

For current information about the College Access Marketing web site, contact Karen Cheng of the Pathways to College Network.