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Students Need Clarity on Cal Grants

June 24, 2008

The currently proposed cut to the Competitive Cal Grant program would disproportionately affect community college students, who make up 73% of the program’s recipients. While the legislature has demonstrated its commitment to these students by keeping the program in their own version of the budget, its fate will remain unclear until Governor Schwarzenegger signs a budget, in...

Proposed Cal Grant Cuts Would Hit Community College Students Hardest

March 27, 2008

Many more community college students than students at California’s four-year colleges would lose financial aid under Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget for 2009. This issue brief finds that the budget-cutting plan would eliminate new Cal Grant awards for 45 percent of community college students who would have received them, compared to five percent of would-be recipients...

California Budget Gridlock Jeopardizes Student Aid

August 16, 2007

The budget stalemate in Sacramento is about to have serious repercussions for new and returning college students in California. Approximately 266,000 students are expected to receive Cal Grants to help cover fees, books, dorm costs and other expenses, but the agency that administers the Cal Grant will not have the funds for the scholarships until--unless--the state budget is...