Quick Facts About Community Colleges and Financial Aid, 2007-08

May 13, 2009

Community colleges are usually considered a low-cost college option, but the sticker price is only part of the real story - students often struggle to cover a range of related costs and living expenses. Our new fact focuses on community college students who apply for financial aid and attend full-time: their need for aid compared to students at other types of colleges; how much...

State Budget Maintains Funding for Cal Grants

February 19, 2009

After months of arduous budget negotiations, the California legislature today passed an 18-month budget that maintains the state’s investment in student aid. This budget protects Cal Grants from attempts to cut both eligibility and grant levels, which would have had a devastating impact on California students. Cal Grants are the state’s primary source of financial aid and...

CA Budget Crisis Has Gone Too Far

January 16, 2009

California is at the brink. Yesterday Governor Schwarzenegger stated that the state will "face insolvency within weeks." Come February, there simply won’t be enough money to pay the bills. Earlier this morning the California state controller released his plan for keeping the state operating, which includes painful measures like delaying financial aid payments to college students,...

Widen the Focus When Discussing Affordability

September 26, 2008

The California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) recently took a look at how affordable a community college education really is for students and their families. The Institute for College Access & Success submitted the following comment to the Commission prior to their September 23-24 meeting, where the report was discussed.

CA Budget Stalemate Hurts Students … Again

August 21, 2008

California's budget delays are affecting college students' ability to get their financial aid. In addition to more than 100,000 students who may face delays in getting the Cal Grants that they’ve been promised, there are 25,000 high-achieving, low-income students whose grants may or may not be funded at all. The Governor’s initial January budget proposal cut the already underfunded...