How Can Congress Improve College Affordability & Permanently Reduce Reliance on Student Debt? Double the Maximum Pell Grant & Restore State Investment in Public Colleges

July 7, 2021

As lawmakers look to improve college affordability, close racial and economic equity gaps in college completion, and reduce reliance on student debt, they must take a comprehensive approach that includes doubling the maximum Pell Grant, securing and strengthening the Pell Grant program, and creating a new federal-state funding partnership.

Colleges Serving the Most Students of Color Receive the Least Funding

May 15, 2019

Race remains a dividing line in college opportunity. More than half of young white adults hold at least a two-year college degree, but only about a third of young Black and Latino adults do. Stark racial disparities in college completion result in part from the fact that public colleges that disproportionately enroll underrepresented students of color receive less funding and...