Why the College Scorecard Should Complement – Not Replace – the Gainful Employment Standards

February 26, 2020

The introduction of earnings data by program and by college to the College Scorecard helps students and families make more informed college choices. However, the data is not a replacement for strong accountability rules, and a recent analysis using the College Scorecard data is likely to confuse – rather than clarify – the relative value of different colleges.

Takeaways from New Program-Level Data on the College Scorecard

December 5, 2019

The Department of Education recently released a new, more user-friendly version of its College Scorecard website, which is an important consumer resource that provides key information about college costs and student outcomes. Alongside improvements to the website’s user interface, including features that let students more easily compare different institutions, federally...

Consumer Information in Higher Education

April 29, 2019

College choices are among the most consequential decisions individuals make in their lifetimes. Students are entitled to information that meets five principles: simple, salient, comparable, timely, and trusted. Consumer Information in Higher Education describes how research informs these five key principles and recommends improvements to three key consumer information tools in...

Coalition Letter of Support for the Understanding the True Cost of College Act

April 23, 2019

Over forty organizations representing students, colleges, scholarship providers, education advocates, veterans, consumers, civil rights advocates, and the business community write in support of the Understanding the True Cost of College Act. The common-sense solutions offered in the Understanding the True Cost of College Act are low-hanging fruit: a uniform financial aid offer...

Don’t Stop Improving: Supporting Data-Driven Continuous Improvement in College Student Outcomes

March 29, 2019

This issue brief explores how colleges and universities can best use data to help drive student success and offers recommendations to both schools and policymakers. While data-driven evidence is a critical tool for colleges, building a culture of continuous improvement and finding the resources to implement success strategies are equally integral to realizing improvements in...