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Can Clarity Promote Quality? Understanding “Regular and Substantive Interaction” Requirement for Online Programs

January 30, 2023

The Department of Education (ED) indicated earlier this month it will conduct a negotiated rulemaking process this year to propose new regulations for distance education, among other higher education topics. One area of distance education ripe for review is the requirement that online college programs provide “regular and substantive interaction” between faculty and students....

Series of Reports Find Common Recruiting Practice Perpetuate Bias, But Crucial for College Access of Underrepresented Students

September 21, 2022

TICAS partnered with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Associate Professor Ozan Jaquette, University of Arizona Assistant Professor Karina Salazar, data scientist Crystal Han, and UCLA Phd student Patricia Martin to release a series of three comprehensive reports that explain and analyze the currently unregulated business of generating student prospects.