Press Release/Statement | February 1, 2022

TICAS Statement on the Cal Grant Reform Act (AB 1746)

Author: Statement of Sameer Gadkaree

“Assemblymembers Jose Medina, Kevin McCarty, and Senator Connie Leyva introduced the Cal Grant Reform Act (AB 1746) today, which would build on last year’s expansion of the Cal Grant entitlement to community college students by removing additional barriers to grant eligibility, simplifying the program to make it easier to understand and communicate to students and families, and indexing the award to inflation. With FAFSA completion and college enrollment down since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, these reforms are more urgent than ever to support California’s long-term educational attainment and economic and social wellbeing.

“We are grateful for Assemblymembers Medina, McCarty, and Senator Leyva for their sustained commitment to ensuring more equitable access to higher education through meaningful and comprehensive Cal Grant reform. We look forward to working with the Legislature and Governor Newsom to ensure that the final state budget reflects these critical changes. ”