Coalition Letter | June 1, 2022

Letter Supporting Investments in the Bureau for Private and Postsecondary Education in the May Revise Budget

The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education is the first line of defense for students who enroll in private postsecondary programs and the primary state-level regulator of private colleges and institutions in California. The Bureau serves an essential function for the state and protects students from predatory institutions, the agency’s enacting statute makes “protection of the public” the Bureau’s “highest priority.” Despite this important responsibility, the agency has struggled with unstable funding for years as a result of an outdated fee model. The good news is that the May Revise budget contains an investment to support the Bureau with $24 million over three years. This investment will allow the Bureau to address an existing budget gap and give the agency financial support while it develops and implements a new fee model that supports the long-term fiscal stability needed for effective consumer protection is designed.