Publication | March 6, 2024

Equitable College Affordability Policies and Practices

How federal, state, and college leaders can make sure money is never an obstacle for talented Americans to attend college

Created in partnership with the Campaign for College Opportunity, TICAS’ new report on “Equitable College Affordability Policies and Practices” examines how specific college affordability policies and practices at the federal, state, and institutional levels can be strengthened to close racial equity gaps in college affordability and completion and to support widespread diversity and representation in higher education.  

Strengthening college affordability for all students, and minoritized students in particular, requires a multi-pronged approach, including providing more direct need-based financial aid to students, creating a new federal-state funding partnership, and streamlining financial aid applications and institutional policies to maximize access to financial aid and other resources.  

You can read the full report with our detailed policy recommendations below.